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SCU debit cards

The key to accessing your money.

Use your Member Card® debit card to access your money through a worldwide network of ATMs and make purchases at most retail merchants in Canada and the US. Enabled with chip + PIN technology and Interac® Flash.

Interac Flash and contactless symbols

Interac Flash

Your Member Card® debit card features tap/flash technology. Make everyday purchases under $100 by simply tapping your card at a point-of-sale machine that supports Interac® Flash - it’s quick and secure. Look for the Interac® Flash logo or the contactless symbol.

Once the total contactless spend limit of $200 in consecutive purchases is reached, the next purchase must be made by inserting the card into the payment terminal and using the PIN.

The Exchange Network

ATM Access

Access thousands of ATMs across Canada, all surcharge-free, through The Exchange Network®. Make cash withdrawals, transfer funds or complete a deposit regardless of where you travel within Canada. Use our ATM locator to see where you can use your debit card. Learn more about The Exchange Network®.

AccuLink, Accel, Cirrus, Maestro symbols

Using Your Member Card When Travelling

When travelling, an easy way to know if you can use an ATM is to look for the network logos that are on the back of your debit card. You may access any ATM displaying the AccuLink®, Cirrus®, Accel®, or Maestro® logos. Cirrus® ATMs can be found in over 210 countries and Accel ATMs are available throughout the US. Find an ATM in the US.

Member Card icon

Lost or Stolen Debit Card

Report your lost or stolen MemberCard® debit card right away by calling us at 705-682-0645. If it is after hours, please leave a message with your name and the details regarding the last time you had possession of your card. You can also email

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