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Feb 26, 2024 - Disconnection of HSBC from The Exchange Network ® of ATMs as of March 18, 2024

As a result of the recent approval of Royal Bank’s purchase of HSBC Canada, HSBC will be disconnecting from The Exchange Network effective Monday March 18, 2024.

Impact to The Exchange Network® Users

The Exchange Network cardholders, including SCU debit cardholders, will not be able to complete transactions at HSBC ATMs after Monday, March 18, 2024 at 8:00 PM EST.

As of this date, any cards on The Exchange Network that are inserted into an HSBC ATM will trigger an onscreen message that directs the cardholder to find a nearby non-HSBC ATM on The Exchange Network.

The nearest HSBC ATM is located in Barrie, Ontario.

To locate an ATM on The Exchange Network, visit

Important Notice: Fraudulent Emails Claiming to be from Sudbury Credit Union

Please be advised that we have been alerted to the presence of fraudulent emails claiming to be from Sudbury Credit Union. The email states that you are required to urgently update your banking details using a link provided in the email. These emails are fraudulent. Do not use the link or provide your account details. If you receive an email claiming to be from Sudbury Credit Union and are unsure of its legitimacy, contact a branch to confirm prior to taking the action requested in the email. Sudbury Credit Union never solicits account information from members by email.

Additional tips to protect yourself from phishing emails

Phishing emails are a cyber criminal’s attempt to get sensitive information by pretending to be a legitimate sender. Here are some keys to spotting a phishing email:

  • The email asks you to share personal information.
  • The email involves a threat or unwanted consequence if you fail to comply.
  • The sender’s email address is suspicious. For example, the email address doesn’t match the organization or contains spelling mistakes.
  • The email contains a suspicious link. Hovering over the link will reveal the URL – check if it matches the URL of the organization’s legitimate website.
Staff, board and members present a donation to Sudbury Indie Cinema

Unveiling of the Sudbury Credit Union Theatre at Sudbury Indie Cinema Co-Op

On October 19, 2023, Sudbury Indie Cinema Co-Op unveiled the naming of the Sudbury Credit Union Theatre.

Sudbury Indie Cinema Co-op is a not-for-profit co-operative, bringing the best in independent cinema to Northern Ontario with carefully selected films that give a voice to lesser-heard perspectives. They are mission-driven, rather than profit-driven, and actively support other arts organizations, grassroots not-for-profits and local homegrown filmmakers.

Sudbury Credit Union is a locally owned and operated financial co-operative, providing financial products and services to their members throughout the City of Greater Sudbury. Committed to the well-being of their members, employees and community, Sudbury Credit Union has been a supporter of countless local organizations whose work in the community betters the lives of all those living here.

As fellow co-operatives, Sudbury Credit Union and Sudbury Indie Cinema Co-Op are guided by a set of co-operative principles, which keep their need for profitability balanced with the needs of their members and the well-being of their community. Both organizations believe that they have a responsibility to help make a difference in the communities they exist in, and contribute to meaningful positive change through directly and indirectly supporting local businesses and organizations.

The credit union’s sponsorship of the Sudbury Credit Union Theatre at Sudbury Indie Cinema Co-Op, in the amount of $20,000, provides the cinema with the financial support to continue their work of strengthening the film eco-system in Sudbury, strengthening Downtown as Sudbury’s arts and culture hub, and supporting other local arts organizations and not-for-profits.

“As a community-minded, 100% local financial institution, guided by the principle of “people helping people”, Sudbury Credit Union is happy to continue our long-standing relationship with Sudbury Indie Cinema Co-Op by sponsoring the Sudbury Credit Union Theatre. We hope that our donation will support The Indie in their continued work as an arts hub in Northeastern Ontario and that the theatre will be enjoyed by our entire community!” Michael Moore, Chief Operations Officer, Sudbury Credit Union

“This is a very exciting moment for us at Sudbury Indie Cinema Co-op. Our lifelong Co-operative mentor is standing beside The Indie, not just coaching from the sidelines, but embracing us with significant financial support. We are proud to now have the Sudbury Credit Union Theatre as a symbol of the strength of co-operative ventures, and as a centrepiece of arts and culture in the City." Beth Mairs, Founding Executive Director, Sudbury Indie Cinema. 

Staff, Board and members of Sudbury Credit Union were in attendance for the event, which was also a celebration of International Credit Union Day – a day for credit unions around the world to celebrate the credit union movement’s history, promote its achievements and raise awareness about the work that credit unions and other financial co-operatives are doing in their communities.

SCU staff present a cheque to Camp Quality Northern Ontario for $6908.11

SCU Charity Grill Raises $6900 for Camp Quality!

We are thrilled to announce that the SCU Charity Grill in support of Camp Quality Northern Ontario held on June 23, 2023 raised a total of $6908.11!! 

Camp Quality Northern Ontario provides a free, uplifting camp experience to children affected by cancer and blood disorders.

Thank you to all of the community members who made donations, provided raffle items and came out to support Camp Quality on BBQ day. And thank you to our incredible staff who made this event so successful. We’re looking forward to next year’s Charity Grill!