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With 6 branches in the Sudbury area, we are truly Sudbury’s financial institution.

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With your Member Card® debit card you can access hundreds of ATM’s across Canada with no additional fees.

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MemberDirect Small Business Online Banking

This online banking solution is designed to help you manage your business accounts and transactions online, and streamline administration.

Dual Signature Authorization
If you require two signatures for account transactions, this feature allows you to use online banking in the same way. With dual signature authorizations, one signer can initiate a transaction and a second signer must approve or reject it. Or a delegate can initiate the transaction and two signers must approve it. 

Delegate Functionality
Grant limited access to employees and third parties, such as bookkeepers. Delegates can be granted access to only view accounts, or to view accounts and initiate transactions that require your approval to be completed.

Mobile App
View, approve or reject pending transactions on the go using your mobile device. Whether you’re Apple or Android, we’ve got you covered, just download the app and go.

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Getting Started
To begin using Small Business Online Banking, contact your Business Account Advisor. If you could use some technical assistance, visit Tools & Support.

View the MemberDirect Small Business Online Banking guide

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Member Card® Debit Card

Use your Member Card® debit card to access your money through a worldwide network of ATMs and make purchases at most retail merchants in Canada and the US. Enabled with chip + PIN technology and INTERAC® Flash/tap-and-go.

The Exchange Network®
Access thousands of ATMs across Canada, all surcharge-free, through The Exchange Network®. Make cash withdrawals, transfer funds or complete a deposit regardless of where you travel within Canada. Use our ATM locator to see where you can use your debit card. Learn more about The Exchange Network®

Using Your Member Card® When Travelling
When travelling, an easy way to know if you can use an ATM is to look for the network logos that are on the back of your debit card. You may access any ATM displaying the AccuLink®, Cirrus®, Accel®, or Maestro® logos. Cirrus® ATMs can be found in over 210 countries and Accel ATMs are available throughout the US. Find an ATM in the US.

Lost or Stolen Member Card®
Report your lost or stolen Member Card® debit card right away by calling us at 705-682-0645. If it is after hours, please leave a message with your name and the details regarding the last time you had possession of your card. You can also email

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Online Access Card

A solution for business members who need access to online banking but who don’t want debit card or ATM functionality. An Online Access Card is your key to logging into Small Business Online Banking, along with your Personal Access Code. 

Contact a branch for more information about Online Access Cards, or to receive yours today.

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Ways to Move Your Money


INTERAC® e-Transfer

INTERAC® e-transfer is a fast, convenient and secure way to send money to anyone in Canada using online or mobile banking. All you need to send someone funds is their email or mobile phone number. Transfers are sent almost instantly but can take up to 30 minutes.

Key Features

  • Set up and edit your Sender Profile in online or mobile banking. Choose to receive notifications about sent e-transfers by email and/or text.

  • Create or edit recipients on the fly through online or mobile banking.

  • View and manage your pending e-transfers in online or mobile banking.

  • Register for Autodeposit to have funds deposited to your account without having to answer a security question when receiving e-transfers.

Daily Limits

Per transfer outgoing incoming
Maximum transfer $3,000.00 $25,000.00
minimum TRANSFER $0.01



Per member outgoing incoming
24 hour rolling limit $3,000.00 no limit
7 day ROLLING LIMIT $10,000.00

no limit

30 day ROLLING LIMIT $20,000.00

no limit


Protect Yourself

As e-transfers become more common, e-transfer fraud has also increased. E-transfer fraud is when the recipient of an e-transfer has their email hacked and the fraudster uses the e-transfer notification email to redirect the incoming funds.

The following tips will help protect you from e-transfer fraud:

  • Register for e-transfer Autodeposit. Having funds automatically deposited into your registered account removes the risk of a criminal intercepting the deposit email.

  • When sending an e-transfer, select security questions and answers that are not easy for a third party to guess or cannot easily be found on social media.

  • When sending an e-transfer, do not include the answer to the security question in the message field of the e-transfer.

To get more information on registering, receiving or sending an e-Transfer please see Tools & Support.

INTERAC e-Transfer is a registered Trade-mark of Interac Corp. Credit union authorized user of the Mark.


Wire Transfers

Wire transfers are a safe and convenient way to transfer money internationally. Visit us in branch to send a wire transfer. Please bring one piece of identification for yourself as well as the following information about the wire transfer recipient:

  • Full name, address and date of birth

  • Full name and address of receiving financial institution

  • Branch transit number

  • Account number

  • SWIFT or BIC code or US ABA number

Wire transfer fees vary and intermediary banks may deduct service charges prior to the wire arriving at its final destination. We have no control over intermediary bank fees, nor are we advised of these fees in advance.  Please ensure that the recipient bank is able to receive funds in the currency you wish to send. We recommend that you send the wire transfer in the currency of the recipient’s financial institution to avoid additional fees and time delays.

For more information, or if you have questions about sending or receiving a wire transfer please contact us.

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Business Account Advisors

Our Business Account Advisors take pride in getting to know you and your business to work toward your goals. We like to meet you at your business and are available to provide guidance and assistance whenever you need.

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Member Advisors

Our advisors work hard to understand your needs and help you through the financial decisions at each stage of your life. We're here for you whenever you need expert guidance on cash flow, budgeting, investing, borrowing, or any other financial question you have.