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Annual Reports

Annual reports give you information about the operations, performance, policy and future vision of Sudbury Credit Union. 

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2022 Annual Report
2021 Annual Report

2020 Annual Report
2019 Annual Report


Board of Directors

Board members are responsible for setting our strategic direction and providing guidance to the management team. Their contributions ensure that we maintain a strong corporate governance structure, while remaining focused on the financial needs of our members.

Contact the Board of Directors

David, Chairperson
David Vares


Lindsay, Director
Lindsay Liske

Vice Chairperson

Leo, Director
Leo Racette

Past Chairperson

Bette, Director
Bette Choquette


Michael, Director
Michael Bellmore


Jamie, Director
Jamie Conroy


Pat, Director
Pat Marcuccio


Grace, Director
Grace Navarro


Lise, Director
Lise Roy


PJ, Intern Director
P.J. Sarazin

Intern Director