Index Linked Term Deposits

This investment is for you if:

  • You are looking for a deposit with a principal guarantee that offers the potential for a higher return than the return paid on fixed rate deposits.
  • You are looking for an equity-linked investment that carries no fees or commissions.
  • You are searching for a diversified investment in Canadian corporations.
  • You are not willing to risk your initial investment.

Investment Features

A safe, secure way of investing, S&P/TSX 60 Index-Linked Term Deposits are issued in a range of terms and amounts with a minimum of $1,000.00.

The high interest rate is maintained in line with prevailing market conditions and remains fixed for the life of the certificate, unless cashed before maturity.


  • RRSP/TFSA eligible
  • Principal guaranteed
  • Unlike other term deposits, there is no guaranteed return on this product.  Depending on the performance of the stocks comprising the S&P/TSX 60 Index over the term, it is possible that, at maturity, the investor will receive only their principal back.
  • Each series has a unique defined sales period and Term Sheet.  Ask your Credit Union Advisor for the Term Sheet prior to investing.
  • Minimum investment amount is $1,000.00 and in multiples of $100.00 thereafter.
  • 3 year and 5 year terms available.
  • 75% participation rate on 3 year investment
  • 125% participation rate on 5 year investment

Additional Information

Ask your Credit Union Advisor for a copy of the current Index Linked Term Sheet which explains all of the required information pertaining to the current series of Index-Linked Investments.

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