Financial Planning

In response to our membership’s evolving needs, we provide comprehensive financial planning services.

These services include meeting with you to put in place an investment strategy to meet your financial goals by gathering information about you and your unique circumstances, assessing your goals and learning what your current situation is.

We provide help to meet your financial needs whether it is retirement strategies to get you further ahead, helping you understand the retirement cash flow you can expect, guiding you through the planning or settlement of an estate, saving tax on your non-registered investments or planning for your child’s future.

This is a free service for the benefit of our membership.

Our members deserve and have come to expect us to be trustworthy, honest, reliable and to work for each and every member – to achieve what is possible in the best interest of the member.  This makes us different from our competitors who may be interested in ‘selling’ you a specific product without regard to your unique circumstances.

Our goals each time we meet a member are to:

  • Make your experience a comfortable one
  • Respect the individual and your privacy 
  • Take the time to know you 
  • Listen to what you are saying
  • Provide the solution(s) that make sense 
  • Proceed only with your full understanding and agreement
  • Follow-up as required or at your request
    We are different and we are proud of our success. We are here to help our membership thrive.
      Meet with a Financial Advisor