About Us

Sudbury Credit Union’s humble beginnings started in Copper Cliff on September 13th, 1951, from the vision of 24 community minded individuals who believed the people living in their neighbourhood deserved a financial institution that wasn’t all about dollars and cents. Copper Cliff Community Credit Union started with one simple value, “people helping people.” This value has remained true throughout our history and resonates today as much as it did in 1951.

As a community minded financial co-operative, Sudbury Credit Union is committed to the well-being of our employees, our members and our community. It is still about people helping people, but now it extends from Levack to Minnow Lake, from the branch to the smartphone, from the small local community group to the large national charitable foundation and from the home business to the local limited company.

We no longer keep our deposits in a shoebox under the bed of our first Treasurer, J.T. “Jack” Gallagher and conduct business in his kitchen. Today we serve over 16,500 Sudburians with 75 employees, 7 branches, 9 ATMs and 1 rapidly growing virtual branch. Even with all these changes we still believe that banking is not all about dollars and cents. It is about the stories and experiences of all of us. Each of us is different but we are united by where we live and working together we can do great things.

We not only give back with more than 5% of our pre-tax dollars in the form of corporate sponsorships and donations to local organizations and charities, but we also volunteer as much as we can with those groups.

We are truly a Community Minded financial co-operative and proud to be a strong partner in the City of Greater Sudbury.


Our Mission

With pride and excellence, Sudbury Credit Union is dedicated to identifying and fulfilling your financial needs and those of our community.

Our Vision

Committed to the well-being of our employees, our members and our community.