Online and Mobile Banking Support

Logging in to Online or Mobile Banking

To login, you must have a SCU debit card and a temporary Personal Access Code (PAC) provided to you at a SCU branch.

Enter your full debit card number then enter your PAC. You will then be prompted to set up a series of security questions.

Locked out of Online or Mobile Banking

You've entered your PAC incorrectly and now you are receiving a message stating that your account access is locked.

Your online banking access can be reset quickly. Simply call or visit your nearest branch to have your access unlocked. Here are the branch phone numbers:

  • New Sudbury: 705.566.2931
  • Minnow Lake: 705.566.8540
  • Downtown: 705.674.7526
  • South End: 705.522.5550
  • Copper Cliff: 705.682.0645
  • Lively: 705.692.3635
  • Levack: 705.966.3451

Memorized Accounts

For added convenience, SCU online and mobile banking can store your debit card information so that you do not have to re-enter it each time. You can store multiple Memorized Accounts and label each with a Nickname so that you can easily identify the accounts.

Once you have set up your Memorized Accounts, you can access them by clicking on the drop down arrow beside Memorized Accounts. Then enter your PAC to complete the login in process.

Please note: SCU online and mobile banking will not memorize your PAC. Your browser or device may include a feature that would allow it to auto fill your PAC but we recommend that you do not use this feature with online or mobile banking.

Frequently Asked Questions

Experiencing issues with online or mobile banking? Check our FAQs page for simple solutions to some of the most common issues.

You can view the FAQs page here.

Technical Support During Business Hours

Call 705-682-0645

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Technical Support After Business Hours

Call 1-888-236-1356

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