Co-Operative Young Leaders Camp

CYL Camp and Base Camp

CYL Camp is a unique summer camp experience for youth ages 14-18. This series of week-long programs brings young people together from all across Ontario to learn about and practice the international co-operative principles, communication, and leadership through games, team building and community projects.

Base Camp invites youth ages 12-13 to experience a weekend adventure and learn about the co-operative principles in an interactive, hands on way. Participants will enjoy the traditions of the CYL program and work on a project that incorporates their strengths while working as a part of a team. 

Both programs are hosted by the Ontario Co-operative Association.
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2018 CYL Camp Dates

Participant Sponsorship

The sponsored participant spots have been filled for the 2018 CYL Camp. Please check back for information about sponsorship for the 2019 CYL Camp.