Consolidation Loans

This loan is right for you if:

  • You are struggling to make all of your debt payments
    • You have multiple personal loan or credit card payments and want to reduce your monthly payment and the total interest paid

    Sometimes personal debt can seem overwhelming, especially if you're juggling balances from more than one credit card or payments on multiple loans. SCU can help you manage your debt by providing a consolidation loan that works within your budget.

    A consolidation loan can:

    • Lower your payments by exchanging them for one, manageable payment
    • Reduce the total interest that you’re paying
    • Help you pay off your debt faster

    To find out if debt consolidation is right for you, fill out our online loan application. A Financial Advisor will work with you to help you reduce the stress of personal debt.

    Preparing for your Appointment with a Financial Advisor

    Here are a few things you should bring with you when you meet with a Financial Advisor for a consolidation loan:

    • Income confirmation:
      • If you are a salaried/regular hour employee: bring your latest T4 or letter of employment, plus a current paystub
      • If you are a variable pay employee: bring your last 3 years Notice of Assessments or T4s, plus a current pay stub
    • List of the debts that you want to consolidate
    • List of your current assets. Include your house value, vehicles, investments, and bank account balances.
    • List of your liabilities. Include your mortgage or rent payment, credit card balances, personal loans and lines of credit.

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