Automated Teller Machine (ATM)

All of our branches are equipped with a full-service ATM where you can withdraw money, make cash and cheque deposits, pay bills and transfer funds.  But wait! You aren't limited to only our ATMs.  With your CHIP MemberCard® debit card you can access hundreds of ATM’s across Canada with no additional fees!

THE EXCHANGE® "Ding Free" ATM Network

Sudbury Credit Union provides its members with access to THE EXCHANGE® Network, a shared network of full-service ATMs in all 13 provinces and territories that allows you both withdrawal and deposit functions on a surcharge-free basis. HSBC Bank Canada, National Bank, as well as several area credit unions including Northern Credit Union and Ukrainian Credit Union participate in THE EXCHANGE® Network, meaning you can use their ATM’s at no additional cost.

You are now able to make withdrawals free of charge at MAC's Convenience Stores and Circle K.

Just look for branches or ATMs with this logo:

The Exchange Network logo

Find out more here.

Other ATM Networks

You can also access your account from any ATM displaying the logos on the back of your MemberCard® which you can find here.

ACCEL®/EXCHANGE® Network offers you surcharge free cash withdrawals in all 50 states.  In addition, you may perform a debit purchase at any retailer displaying this same logo.

Find out more about US ATMs here.

INTERAC® Network provides you access to most of Canada's banks.  But beware, these transactions come with a surcharge.

ACCULINK® is another national credit union ATM network used by Canadian credit unions.  The ACCULINK® network has approximately 1,800 ATMs located across the country of which 535 ATMs are in British Columbia, where you can perform cash withdrawals.