Sending an e-Transfer

Sending an INTERAC® e-Transfer

After registering and creating your recipient list, you are now ready to send money by          Interac® e-Transfer.

How do I send an Interac® e-Transfer?

1. Log in to online banking, click on TRANSFERS or in mobile banking and select Interac®        e-Transfer

2. Select send Interac® e-Transfer.

3. Complete the transaction by choosing a recipient for your list, how you wish to notify them (by email, text or both), which account you with the take the money from, the amount, and an optional message

4. Click Send Transfer and Confirm the transaction to complete the e-Transfer.

Important information about Sending an Interac® e-Transfer

• Sending an Interac® e-Transfer takes about 30 minutes before the recipient gets notified about the transfer.

• After 30 minutes you may Cancel the e-Transfer

• The recipient has 30 days to accept the transfer before it disappears from their list of e-Transfers.

• You can resend the notification for another 30 days (at no additional cost) before it will be automatically deposited back into your account.

• You may also cancel the e-Transfer at any time which will be automatically deposited back into your account.

Once the recipient has accepted the e-Transfer, it cannot be cancelled. Always double-check the email address or mobile phone number before you send your e-Transfer.

Keep your password secret at all times.

How do I cancel my Interac® e-Transfer

You can cancel your Interac® e-Transfer before the recipient accepts it.

1. Click on Pending Interac® e-Transfers to see all your outstanding e-Transfers

2. From here you may choose to cancel your e-Transfer OR resend notification your recipient.