Pre-Authorized Bill Payment

Pre-Authorized Bill Payment

Get peace of mind knowing your bills are paid on time and to the penny by setting up a pre-authorized bill payment/debit (PAD).

Setting up a pre-authorized bill payment is easy, simply follow these steps:

1. To setup an automated bill payment, contact your billing company or visit their website. (Here are a list of the most frequently setup companies)

Bell Canada
Hydro One
Union Gas
Sudbury Hydro
Sudbury Property Taxes

2. The company will usually ask you to provide your direct deposit information. You can find all of this information at the bottom of a personal cheque issued to you by Sudbury Credit Union. If you do not have a Sudbury Credit Union issued cheque you must contact a branch to get the proper account information.

NOTE: Your account number is not your membership number or debit card number and can only be obtained at the bottom of your Sudbury Credit Union issued cheque or by contacting a branch. Incorrect setup of your direct deposit may result in a delay of your bill payment AND/OR a service fee*.

* The Credit Union is not responsible for penalties or charges incurred by incorrect setup of automated deposits and withdrawals.