Direct Deposit

Setting up a direct deposit

Direct Deposit is a convenient and secure way to have immediate access to your money.  You will no longer have to make a special trip to deposit a cheque.  By using this service you can also deposit your funds from your Paypal or other bank accounts directly into your credit union account.

What do I need in order to direct deposit my money?

To setup a direct deposit you will need a personal cheque issued to you by Sudbury Credit Union.  If you do not have a Sudbury Credit Union issue cheque you must contact a branch to get the proper account information.

The company you are dealing with will ask for your TRANSIT NUMBER (5 DIGITS), INSTITUTION NUMBER (3 DIGITS) and ACCOUNT NUMBER (10 DIGITS)

By using this information, you can advise your payment company to either change existing pre-authorized transactions, or set-up new pre-authorized transactions (i.e., withdrawals or deposits) to or from your credit union account.

NOTE: Your account number is not your membership number or debit card number and can only be obtained at the bottom of your Sudbury Credit Union issued cheque or by contacting a branch. Incorrect setup of your direct deposit may result in a delay of your deposit AND/OR a service fee*.

* The Credit Union is not responsible for penalties or charges incurred by incorrect setup of automated deposits and withdrawals.