Board Of Directors

Leo Racette, Chairperson

Leo Racette


David Vares, Director

David Vares

Floyd Laughren, Past Chairperson

Floyd Laughren

Past Chairperson
Jamie Conroy, Director

Jamie Conroy


Bette Choquette, Director

Bette Choquette

Grant Howard, Vice-chairperson

Grant Howard

Michael Bellmore, Director

Michael Bellmore


Kate Barber, Director

Kate Barber

Lindsay Liske, Director

Lindsay Liske

Brandon Martel, Intern Director

Brandon Martel

Intern Director

Why Become A Board Member?


I joined the Credit Union movement because I believe in the power of the co-operative business model to provide services and meet needs in the community in a way that benefits everyone. We all need to use financial and banking services, and I like that local Credit Unions do this in a way that supports and respects their members (customers) and supports local communities.

As a Board Member, I contribute my perspective and knowledge as an active member of many not-for-profit social, community and environmental organizations and causes, as well as my professional experience working in local government and as a small business owner.  I am proud to help lead a strong, healthy organization that works hard to meet members' needs, while strengthening our community.


How Do Board Members Help?

The Board of Directors plays an important role in the current and future success of our credit union.

Board members are responsible for setting Sudbury Credit Union’s strategic direction and providing guidance to the management team. Their contributions ensure that the credit union maintains a strong corporate governance structure, while remaining focused on the financial needs of our members.